Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Welcome to La Dame Rose!

Hi guys! I wasn't going to do this short introduction kind of post, I thought I'd get straight into it but I changed my mind! This blog is going to be all about fashion/beauty, so everything I wear (when I make the effort haha!), make up/beauty products, maybe throw in a couple of make up looks! Quite a few people have been telling me to start this blog because they know how much I LOVE fashion! So it's kind of been the nagging from people and my own passion as well that's made me want to start this! It took a while for me to get here because I spent so much time making the layout look pretty haha!
I love dressing up in my own weird and wonderful ways and just kind of showing off what I'm wearing I guess, because let's be honest, when you know you're wearing a totally hot outfit, you definitely want people to see it! And I'm not one of those where I always opt for the more expensive items, I shop everywhere and anywhere! Anything that I think looks amazing, I will buy it and style it in my own way :) So there you go guys, wasn't the best of introductions but I thought I'd let you all know a bit about myself :) enjoy reading guys!
P.S - because it's going to be Ramadhan this week (a whole month of fasting for Muslims), I won't be going out all dressed up all month so unfortunately there won't be any new outfit posts, I'll probably just do like little reviews on make up products or post outfit inspirations or old pictures of me where an outfit post is needed haha and everything else except new outfit on me! Thought I'd give you all a reminder beforehand!

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