Friday, 31 October 2014

Not Everyday Glam, Sometimes Bloody

Flowergirl zombie. 

Hello my lovelies! So sorry for being MIA, I've been soooo busy with uni work, it's taking over my life *cries* I never have any proper time to do anything now due to the assignments and upcoming assignments. But whenever Halloween is due, I'm uber excited to do myself up all bloody and creepy so I managed to squeeze this look in :) 

They should totally take me on as a zombie in The Walking Dead.

Basically my aim was to be a creepy zombie clown (hence the red nose and the triangle thing on my eye which 90% of clowns have). But that headband sorta' changed the whole look into this, creepy-pretty-zombie-clown-who-just-got-killed-before-I-could-even-finish-my-glam. Does that make sense? No it doesn't. I found it really cool though and I was really proud of it and plus I got such good feedback on it too! :D

The products I used weren't even expensive, most of them were from eBay...eBay is bae obviously. 
I used my red, cream and black cream make up from eBay, green cream make up from ASDA, all Sleek eyeshadows for the eyes and contouring and also in the centre of my lips, liquid latex from eBay and not forgetting the queen item of Halloween; blood, beautiful blood which is also from eBay. And my top is from Select which I picked up just for this look so I can smear it with blood and make up and make it look super gross. My pretty little headband (which was my brother's idea to wear in the picture) is from you can tell, I dig eBay. 
As I have never worn fake contacts and I don't think I ever will, I edited them through the power of the internet, which actually made the look even more scary than it was. It brought out the zombie within I'd say. 

You don't need expensive products to create looks like these, although you do need good quality products, like liquid latex, wax, etc but looks like this can even be created without that and just simple make up. It's all about creativity :)

Hope you guys have a super scary Halloween, I'll be back with some outfit posts, won't be gone for uber long now! :) x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Urban Monster

Jumper: Zara. Vest Jacket: Zara. Pants: H&M. Rucksack: ASOS. Watch: ASOS Marketplace. Necklace: India. Earrings: Matalan. Boots: Select.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"Dress Your Face"

Hiiiii my lovelies! I figured the next post I would do would definitely be about the 'Tamanna Palette' by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Everyone has literally been raving about this palette and the other two palettes by ABH but I didn't get a chance to get hold of them. As soon as my loan came in, I jumped straight in for this baby! And I've got to say this has got to be one of my best purchases yet!

In the box you get obviously, the amazing palette and five 'Get the Look' cards which show five beautiful, different looks you can create using the palette. And these looks are all great for fall which was the purpose of this palette (as it states on the back of the packaging). 

The packaging of the palette is stunning. It has a very middle Eastern/Indian vibe to the gold scroll design on the front which reflects Tamanna's ethnic backgrounds. When you open the palette, inside you have a mirror and a two sided brush which makes it a great 'on the go' palette!

 Onto my favourite part; the colours. I can't even express how amazing the colours are in this palette. They're super creamy, super pigmented and they blend so well! Even when you're blending, you never lose any of the colour you first applied which is so good because I've experienced with other eyeshadows that when you keep blending (which is key guys!) the colour sometimes fades away which means you have to keep reapplying and blending and it's a forever ending process...
Also, these colours are soft and warm toned which means they are perfecttt for fall. There are a range of matte and shimmery shades which means you have a set of transition colours such as 'Chocolate' and 'Bengal' and also shimmery shades such as 'China Rose' and 'Blush' which you can use on the lids or use as a highlight! Some colours are slightly lighter than others but you can layer these on to the desired intensity. And others such as 'China Rose' and 'Venezia' can be used wet for an even intense pigment and colour pay-off.

Without and with flash.
Top-Bottom: Noir, China Rose, Chocolate, Bengal, Sangria, Custom, Gilded, Venezia, Blush and Fresh. 

Two looks I did using the 'Tamanna Palette'. 

This palette is definitely worth the price it's for! Most people would class it as too expensive for an eyeshadow palette which I also understand, but the colours, packaging, pigmentation, texture, everything is worth it! I've come across some palettes which haven't done it for me but this one is one of my favourites. If you're looking for a fall-perfect palette, this is calling you.