Saturday, 21 February 2015

Shabby Chic

Omg. Hi guys. I have missed blogging so so so much. I have been so busy and I haven't even started painting my room yet. *sigh*. I'm going to start painting tomorrow as I want it done asap before my workload starts.
Anyways, onto the post...
PS - I will be doing two posts today. Yes two. Because I haven't posted in ages, I thought two posts is necessary, it'll give you guys something extra to read ^^ I don't know if that's breaking the rules...but...yeah...

Today was my beautiful's niece Jasmine's 1st birthday party! Well her birthday is on Monday but the party was today. And it was all "Shabby Chic" themed, it was all too cute! I've posted some pictures of the set up, her momma did a great job! I thought with this excuse, I can do an outfit post! YAY FINALLY.

 Sweet heaven.

I actually loved my make up today. I went for brown smokey eyes with a pink lip. The lip colour was a mixture of LP City Colour's Be Matte Lipstick in Mauve Ice with Mac's Viva Glam Nicki on top which gave it that more of a cool toned pinky look, me larvvvv. Oh and I loved my inner corner highlight today which was Mac's Reflect Pearl glitter, it looked so beautiful and was so convenient for the party too!

My dress was from Boohoo which my best friend had recommended me to get. She has the black one and I wanted the black one too but my size was out of stock and they only had the grey one in stock so I opted for this and I'm so glad I went for this! Although black is one of those colours which goes with everything, I feel like so is grey and I can pair any colour with this grey dress and it'll look hot. And it's suitable for either daytime wear and evening wear! Plus it's super comfy. Winning. Accessories were my rings, one was from Turkey and the other was from Select (you can't see them unfortunately), my Michael Kors watch, bangles from India, studs from Accessorize and my amazing, beautiful, stunning, hot, gorgeous, breathtaking, indescribable statement necklace which is from...wait for it...eBay. Yes eBay. And it was priced at £7.99. Sorry but that's a bargain. You'd think it'd be like £15/£20, maybe more. This is why eBay is bae. It just made the whole outfit, I was eagerly waiting for an occasion to wear this necklace and what better occasion than a birthday party, woo!
I styled my hair with straightners but in a way where it looks 'blow-dried' so doing the flicky and curling technique. As this was after the party, it had kinda gone loose...sad times.

Hope you enjoyed that short read times, another post coming up next!
P.S.S - Don't mind my visible lash band. I came home and thought I'll take some pictures but as I was in a rush to get ready, I didn't have time to put my lashes on so I thought I'll put them on for the pictures. And I was too lazy to cover the lash band with eye liner. Don't judge pls.

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