Wednesday, 15 April 2015

February and March Favourites

Hi guys!

I apologise for these delayed posts, I've been extremely busy with uni - you know all the assignments and upcoming exams! It's taking over my life and I have so many posts I wanna do but I'm just finding it hard to take some time out to post :( butttt, we are currently on Easter break and this is my last week of the holidays - I don't know if I'm sad about that or happy. Actually, I'm happy that they're coming to an end. I am so damn bored at home, all I've been doing are my assignments which I have started in advance, I am so proud of myself. But I miss my friends and I wanna be out of the house now!
Currently in the middle of doing my research poster for one of my modules and I thought I'd do this post - I know, I missed out February Favourites...oops. I was soooooo busy last month, but some of these products above, I had loved in February as well as last month so...nothing has changed. Anyways...

1. MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal - One of my friends had recommended this so I thought I'd go and buy it to see what it's like. It is a drugstore item and retails at £4 which is a bargainnnn. I don't really own any correcting products as I don't have major pigmentation and dark circles and all that stuff on my face. But these cream corrects/concealers are really creamy and not stiff like some products can be. They apply easily on the face and you don't really need a huge amount of product - after I've primed my face, I take a dab of either the green corrector or the orange corrector and dab it onto the skin, I never rub as this removes the products you've applied and doesn't conceal as well. I always dab this on so the product is 'secured' onto the area.
2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - This has been raved about so so SO much. And I can see why to be honest. I LOVE this concealer, it's one of my go to's. I got the shade 35 as I'm not into the whole stark white highlighting look. And this looks so natural as it's close enough to my skin tone. It is hella' creamy and it's not too thick where it looks cakey either. I use the tiniest amount and it covers up any dark areas under my eyes and blends out like a dream. Another drugstore item, retailing at £5.99 - YAASSSSS FOR DRUGSTORE.
3. MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast - One of my fave' highlighting products, nothing too heavy or dramatic, just nice and subtle that brings light to your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and your brow bone. Again, this is a subtle, natural shade for me and doesn't look too overly 'highlighty'. I just love making my own words up.
4. Kiko Eyeshadow in 208 - I don't think I can love a highlighter as much as I love this. One of the most beautiful, gold-toned highlight I have. It is soooo pigmented and can be layered to your preferred intensity. It is perfect for the summer, it adds the right amount of glow to your face without looking too chunky, I just loveeeeee. Also looks amazing in the inner corner of the eyes - gotta get me some more Kiko eyeshadows, they are bomb.
5. Garnier Moisture Match - Matte Moisturiser - I was on the hunt for a mattifying moisturiser as it's getting to summer and that's the time we tend to get more oily due to it being hot. So I was looking online and I know the best ones to mattify the skin are gel-based moisturisers but most of them are so overly priced, it's ridiculous. So I opted for this one which was around £4/£5. I've got to say I do like this, I only need a small-ish blob and I rub that all over my face, avoiding the eye area. I do still love my Cetaphil moisturiser but it's too hydrating for me at the moment. My skin is just totally weird, some days it's super dry and some days, it is just like annoyingly oily.
6. Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics Eyeliner in Turquoise - One of the creamiest, pigmented, easy-to-glide-on eyeliners I have ever used. I am going to upload a picture of this below - I applied this on my lips and I fell in love with this on my lips more than on my eyes. These eyeliners are absolutely amazing, some coloured eyeliners are too dry and don't glide on as easily but this applies like a dream. I am definitely going to more of these! Love this in the inner corners for a pop of colour too, that's how I've been wearing mine as well as in the water line.

Can we just take a minute to admire that PIGMENTATION?!

7. Gosh Prime 'n' Set Powder - My MAC translucent powder had finished so I needed a new setting powder. I liked my MAC one but I didn't want to spend too much on a primer and it wasn't absolutely amazing if I am honest. I got recommended this and had read some reviews which said it was a really good product and did as it said. Basically, it's a powder in two. So before you apply your foundation, your brush this all over your face to soak up any oils and mattify the skin. And it also acts as a setting powder which you use after you have applied your foundation. Now I know the rule is not to apply liquid on top of powder but this honestly works. It doesn't disrupt the application of your foundation at all, it applies as smooth as always. But with the powder underneath, it really helps in order to keep the skin matte and oil-free. I only have to touch up here and there during the day but I can say this has saved my life. Such an amazing product, will be purchasing more from GOSH.
8. Topshop Glow Stick in Spotlight - When I don't fancy a gold-toned highlight, I go for this. This is a beautiful highlight, it's like a cream version of Nars' Orgasm blush. You know the rose tones with hints of gold? I love that in the summer...well I love it anytime round to be honest. It's super creamy and blends out easily with your finger tips! This can be used a blush too, either applied with your fingertips or a brush to give your cheeks that beautiful glow!
9. Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara - I think I mentioned in my 2014 Favourites that I'm not a fan of fat mascara brushes that make my lashes clumpy. I've only ever loved two mascaras and that's because of their spikey brush. This has exactly that and it separates my lashes, which means NO CLUMPS, YAY.
10. Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow - This is one of my favourite bronzers of all time. When applied, it gives you that gorgeous sun-kissed look, like you've just come off holiday. And we all know we want to look like we've just come off holiday. Looking super hot and tanned. But yes, this is a great product for adding the correct amount of warmth to your skin, I love it! I use this pretty much throughout the whole year! Another drugstore product, retailing at £5.99.
11. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Nude-ist - Probably the most nude-mauve shade lipstick I've come across. This is super creamy and super smooth, it doesn't dry out your lips even though it dries matte. I'd say it dries semi-matte, not super matte. But I love applying this on top of loads of different lipsticks to make my own colour and because it's a natural shade, it tones down even the brightest of colours. Love love LOVE this, amazing product! More colours to be purchased, YAS. However, I am not keen on the smell of these lipsticks. They smell really...odd.
12. Kardashian Beauty - Lip Plumping Gloss in Pumped Up Pink - You know those annoying sticky glosses that attract your hair to them when it's super windy? Yeah this isn't one of them. My favourite gloss to wear either on it's own or on top of a lipstick. This has a plumping element in it to give your lips a fuller look without looking 'overly massive'. It looks beautiful on the lips, super glossy with little specs of shimmer in it so it's not too sparkly on the lips either. As much as I love a matte lip, I do love a bit o' gloss in the summer.
13. Lord&Berry Ultimate Lipstick in Aubergine - I have been loving grey coloured lipsticks recently and I came across this on eBay (£2 guys, can we just take a moment) and when I got it, I was like 'Woah, this totally just brings out the edge'. It's not super grey, I'd say it's grey with that tint of aubergine to it, hence the name 'Aubergine'. These Lord&Berry lipsticks are really good! Pigmented, non-drying...amazing for the price you pay! I mix this with MAC's Heroine to add that hint of purple underneath but this alone or paired with a grey-nude lipliner is perfect for that ghoulish look that is trending.

So that's all my favourites for now guys! I will for sure try to post as much as I can - I have exams next month, oh the joys. I swear work is never ending. *walking away emoji*
Hope you enjoyed the read! x

Friday, 3 April 2015

When Sporty Met Chic

Top: Zara. Joggers: Zara. Watch: Next. Shoes: Kurt Geiger.