Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little Bit of Class

Top: TK Maxx. Leggings: Select. Skirt: Boohoo. Duster: Boohoo. Heels: Select. Belt: Primark. Necklace: Primark.Sunglasses: eBay.

Hi guys! I thought I'd do a quick outfit post, I have some reviews coming up too but I haven't done an outfit post in agessss! Ramadhan has officially started (month of fasting for Muslims) so I'll have some free time here and there to post if I'm not busy :)

I went out with my best friend for a pre-Ramadhan meal and drinks. We went Salt and Pepper which was yummy and then Cloud 23 for drinks, it was lovely! As we were going Cloud 23, I packed these heels 'coz it was really sunny so I wanted to wear some colour on feet and they also matched the orange part in my top! I wore flats during the rest of the time I was out because although these heels are beautiful, they are painful. Painful. I opted for a more "smarter" look than what I usually wear which is usually trainers and jeans haha - still will always choose trainers over heels. 
And we all know I love my bright lippies so I opted for Mac's Heroine for that extra pop of colour - this has to be one of my favourite looks ever!

Mine was the beef steak obviously... Beef > Chicken

 I forgot to tuck my belt in here...

Hope my fellow Muslims have a blessed Ramadhan! I will be makeup-free this month. One thing I love Ramadhan is that although I don't go out, my skin gets to breathe without no make up products and it's given that time to heal and be flawless, ready for Eid. :)
Reviews will be coming up guys! x

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