Saturday, 14 November 2015

3rd Year Problems...

Hi guys!

OMG, it has been AGES! Way way too long since I have posted! Guys I am so sorry for being so MIA, honestly, I can't explain how hectic it has been. Even before I went back to uni, I never found the time to do anything, I was so busy! And since starting uni, the stress is unreal. It really is one thing after another. I just never have the chance to do anything right now. I'm in my final year now which means this is the last hurdle and I need to just stay focused on what I need to achieve. So I do apologise in advance guys, I may not be able to post as much as I want to right now. But I will never neglect my blog, no way. I have a lot of ideas for my blog and want to keep doing what I do, but right now, it's just really stressful. So bare with me, whenever I do have the chance to post, I will for sure :)

Currently writing this whilst in bed munching on some Oreos and sipping on my coffee. I don't feel so good today. The weather has been awful! Journey's to uni in this weather is horrible! I'm taking a break day today from work even though I do have another assignment due next month - surprise surprise. But I'm contemplating whether to sit in bed and catch up on this season's Originals or do some research for my assignment....

I thought I'd update you guys anyway and let you know what's going on :) I have to write up a dissertation too which is due in March but our proposals/ethics forms have been sent off on Thursday so fingers crossed, they get approved! I will do a post soon on what I will be doing for my dissertation as well and what I hope to do in the future so it will be different to the posts I've done before :D so stay tuned guys!

Zozzy x

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